Organic Raw Cacao Powder (Processed @ 40-42 C) Carton

Pack Size: 200g
Case Size: 10
Product Code: SCR
Certified organic, grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers. Free of genetically modified organisms.
Contains no fillers, additives or preservatives.
Suitable for vegans.


Cacao nibs are pieces of cacao beans. Good Life Organic fine Peruvian raw cacao beans are fermented and processed below 45º to retain beneficial enzymes and their delicate flavour and slightly floral aroma. Raw cacao contains more than 300 nutritional compounds, including polyphenols such as antioxidant-rich flavonoids. Cacao also contains anandamide, an endorphin the body produces naturally after exercise, known as the “bliss chemical”. No wonder chocolate is so addictive.

Add to smoothies, baked goods and raw food bars, or combine with cacao butter for delectable chocolate creations.

Organic Cacao powder (Theobroma cacao)